About Us

“Authentic, Intimate, and Refined”

D & Y Sushi is a Japanese Cuisines which is located in Junction triangle of Toronto. Our master chef, Dennis Lau combines traditional Japanese flavors and techniques with local, East Coast elements to create a truly unique dining experience for its local guests. D & Y Sushi is a place that connects people through delicious food, comfortable space, and memorable service. It makes our guests feel like they come back home while they dine in the restaurant. Our staff provides an exceptional dining experiences with our utmost sincerity and pride. We would like to build lasting relationship with our guests through our tasty meal and diligent service. We are grateful all the Japanese cuisine lovers who chose and continually choosing to dine at our restaurant. We will continue to devote ourselves to bring the marvellous dining experiences to our guests.

We prioritise sourcing high-quality ingredients to ensure that a continuous supply of sustainably sourced produce remains available for future generations.